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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Managing your classes with a free app for Ipad

Looking for a tool that can help you to manage your classes? So I strongly recommend that you check the 'Teacher KIT' FREE app for Ipad. 

Previously known as "TeacherPal", the app was renamed after its last update, but it still keeps the same functionalities as described bellow.

With a very nice design that emulates a classroom environment, this app allows you to create groups of students and manage attendance, grades and even write notes about students' behaviour.

Once you have created your course timetable and registered your students, you can take attendance by simply clicking on the icon with the students' name or picture (yes, there's this very nice feature that allows you to add students to their profiles).

It's also possible to include students or parents contact information.

You can establish grades and their weights. And if you're worried about losing this important data, you can at anytime upload it to Itunes or send a report with the details to your email, on a spreadsheet that the app automatically generates.

If you teach private classes and have to manage your own groups, 'Teacher Kit' is really worth a try.

Check out this video for more details:

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  1. Great tool!I've attended a TESOL Presentation on that.