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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

American High Schools: Small Schools Initiative

As I mentioned before, I had the opportunity of visiting some American public schools while taking part on ELCP program at the University of Oregon/U.S. (click here to learn more) 

The first school I visited was North Eugene High School. With a very big and impressive building and a project based curriculum, North Eugene has a very interesting approach to deal with discipline and to help the students to build their values and principles (I'll write about it on my next post).

On the video bellow, you can watch excerpts of North Eugene's principal lecture about how its curriculum is organized. It also includes some pics of the school visit.  

The main points here are:

1. Bill Gates and the 'Small Schools Initiative': how Bill Gates' ideas of having schools that don't have more than 400 students have been adapted to fit local communities needs.

2. School Personalization: How the Curriculum in North Eugene High School was remolded considering under this perspective;

3. The advantages of Personalization on Education.

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