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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools' Day Vocabulary ('Dia da Mentira' em Inglês)

Don't be a fool! A few key words related to April Fools' Day and their Portuguese translation.

April Fools' Day 

("Dia da Mentira", literalmente, "Dia dos Tolos") 

Fool (tolo, bobo)

Hoax (farsa / fraude)

Joke (piada)

To make fun of somebody / to mock somebody 
(tirar sarro de alguém)


Prank / Practical Joke (trote / 'piada prática')

Trick (truque, artimanha, trote, 'peça')
To play a trick ('pregar uma peça') 

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  1. Hi,Jean; I used it for my PORT 103 Class today. I had students read the Portuguese words and make sentences with some.They loved the "tirar sarro de alguém".

  2. That's really great Bené! Thank you so much for letting me know it!!! That's an awesome feedback!