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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: the year we were waiting for

2013 was quite a busy year and I'm ashamed I left this blog a little abandoned. That's the price of being involved in so many projects. So, if there's one thing I can say about the year that had just gone is that it was a very creative and productive time, which means that I'm also burned out by now.

Hopefully, this is the vacation time around here, so I can take a rest and a deep breath and try to rearrange things. And of course, do some planning about teaching, career and other personal goals.

Looking at what is about to come, 2014 is probably going to be a very awkward year: the Fifa World Cup is on the corner, and it will have a serious impact on school schedules. At least on my school district, the next term will start sooner than the usual, so we can finish our activities before the World Cup starts. And the second term will be split in two, so teachers and students will have a break in October to compensate some days of vacation they missed in January. And of course, there'll be all the media euphoria that will affect the kids (not to mention all the others things concerning this World Cup...), what will demand a lot of energy and creativity from us teachers.

It's ironic that we have been talking about 2014 for so long, since the World Cup was announced, and, well, now it's here and nothing has changed and even the basic infrastructure like stadia isn't done yet.

Apart from that, a new year always seems to give us that psychological strength that we're always looking for, what makes it always welcome.

So, for many reasons, I guess we all have been waiting for 2014. Let the new year renew your hopes and get ready for all the opportunities it will bring.  

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